Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Just a couple bike dorks...

Got up uber early this morning to do a little 'cross practice with my man Jeremy.  He just landed his new Kona Jake the Snake and was itching to get it on some dirt prior to this weekends main event.  I lucked out and got the course mowed last night before dark.  I was able to drop the mower to it's lowest setting so there was a clearly defined route when we went out there this morning.  Super fast, lots of bullshit and remount sessions.  No pictures from the park, still not sure if I'm going to get harassed or arrested for my "course improvements" but it's a really sweet 6-7 minute loop.  If I had a helmet cam I'd let you in on it. 

Yesterday I took the 'Hopper in to reduce the travel from 100 to 80mm.  I didn't think it could be any faster but it is.  3 consecutive 41 minute laps out at Lock 4 have me convinced that I'm not "recovering" anymore, just a little slower than usual.  What a ridiculous bike.

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