Thursday, October 7, 2010


I've been waiting for this bike since my custom painted Schwinn Homegrown hardtail got stolen from a party back in college.  Not that I didn't have a few other rides along the way, just none of them had the handling characteristics and vibe that the Hopper and the Homegrown had.  With just a few minor tweaks on the ride today, I think the 'Hopper and I are settling into a nice rhythm.  I'm no good at photos, here's the only one I got.  I'm sure there'll be more.

Once I tilted the handlebar back (I like it in line with my arms so the bar bends up a little) adjusted the brakes (I like them looooooose), got the seatpost to stop slipping (grease?), and tightened up the headset, the bike started to feel really comfortable,  familiar even.  The 30 degree bend in the handlebar is glorious.  The morning was perfect, just a little chilly, and no one was out on the trails at Montgomery Bell.  I took one minor spill on a steep switchback (still working with little to no horsepower) and clipped a tree with my right forearm but otherwise managed to not break anything body or bike.  Headed for The Festy (see yesterdays post) with running shoes and bike in tow.

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