Monday, May 28, 2012

A tale of 2 festivals.

Summer's kicking in.  This weekend was split between two festivals, both offering us a chance to play late night and on the main stage.  To a casual observer, Summercamp and Delfest seem similar.  Large festivals, field hippies, many of the same bands (Yonder, Leftover, Greensky and the Dusters all made appearances at both).  After fully experiencing both, in a four day stretch, I was surprised at the difference of demographic.

Summercamp has one type of person there.  They come in a male or female form, but for the most part, there's just one kind of person at Summercamp.  They're 17-25 and they're there for 2 things;  to do drugs and get laid.  I thought it was awesome.  The energy was palpable, the kids were having a good time and they really threw down.

I assumed Delfest was going to be a more laid back affair, but it really wasn't.  The Delfestians were getting down, staying up as late, having as good a time or better, and they were of all ages.  Absolutely every age group represented.  This is a testament to Del and the type of people that he attracts as well as a careful curation of the lineup and a beautiful location.  Spot on, DelFest. 

The Dusters were treated like kings, our shows were packed with new and old friends and we had a lot of opportunities for sit-ins and jams.  Everyone was socializing, everyone was in good spirits, despite the rain...  The stringband revolution is nigh, the scene is vibrant and fun, safe and wide open.  Everyone's welcome.

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