Sunday, June 10, 2012


Race season is upon me.  Earlier I posted up about the Devils Backbone Mountain Cross, but I didn't talk much about the results, forgetting that they were timing the event and noted my finish time.  Looking around for new rides/races today I stumbled across the results page and discovered that I did pretty well, all things considered, finishing 22nd out of 85 with a time of 4:32.  This was a bit of a surprise, I wasn't technically "racing" as it wasn't a race, but clearly most of us were trying desperately to get the best time possible.  Looks like I'll be around for the fall version of this local gravel grinder and I'll be trying to improve on that result.

This weekend I head south for my first mountain bike race since becoming a resident of VA.  The VORSeries comes to Bedford and I'm dusting off the 29er for a 3 lap, 25 mile race this Saturday.  Hopefully I'll get some results

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