Thursday, May 14, 2009

Party Party Party

Last weekend was long. Tip to tail. Sarah's family was in town, so I was on shorty duty on Friday evening. Soccer in the backyard (nicely groomed), grilling, beers.

Sun went down, as it will tend to do. Party moved inside for a little concert.

Then the real party started as the older set started to roll in. Robin's got the guitar slinger thing down...

Panda wanted to play dress-up. I thought all the little girls had gone home, but apparently not. That's my wife's clothes.

The next day Janice and Andy Hall were married. Post ceremony we went back to doing what we do best. This was the best shot of the night (three kegs will blur some photos), the great Stage Rabone on guitar. This jam had it's moments.

A fitting end to this weekend, Tuesday night Bike Polo at Shelby Park. I managed to whack my front wheel so hard I bent up a bunch of spokes and knocked my wheel completely out of true.

Yesterday I trued the wheel up, it went right back into round. Two of the best hours of my life on the bike at Monkey Bell. Managed a full Blue, White, Yellow and two Red loops in under two hours. Can't believe I'm going to miss the Monkey Grinder race next weekend. Pretty sure I'm on form right about now. It's weird, I spent the last week in party mode and still managed to lose about 5 lbs. Maybe I'm just dehydrated. Headed to East Nash in an hour to ride with Jeremy. Road ride this time, must drink more coffee before heading out into the rain.

The next two weeks are a confusing mess of travel arrangements, bike rides, band gigs, duo gigs and golf rounds. Dusters Tour this week. Then immediately upon return I head to Colorado for four shows with Anders Beck as part of our Book & Beck Tour. I'll try to wedge some riding in on my downtime before I hop back into the van for another Dusters tour, dubbed the Clean and Dirty tour. Night of the 14th I'll finally settle in for a couple days.

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ZaskarLE said...

BOOK! I see you're coming to K town on the 19th and your woman will be here too? Interested in a ride (urban, dirt, road) and or some beer/ hang time?