Friday, May 1, 2009

Music on the last day of April

Sometimes I marvel at my good fortune. Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending the entire day amongst friends, playing music. Tennessee Mornings on Fox at 8:30. The band played one song, Echoes of Goodbye, off of Jeremy Garrett's new solo record, I Am A Stranger. Unfortunately Echoes requires I sing an exceptionally high tenor part and 8:30am is a little too early to be singing as high and as hard as possible. It's all good though, I held the note out at the end and "won."

Got home around 9:30 and by 11:15 I was in the midst of a Kindling Stone rehearsal in my basement. Kindling Stone is a very cool duo consisting of my friend Chris Moore and my father-in-law Mark Wingate. My wife and I played on their record so whenever we get the chance we sit in with them. We're playing on the local NPR Station WPLN on May 5th at 11am, you should be able to stream it live from the WPLN website.

After rehearsal I headed down to the Belcourt. Jedd Hughes opened the show, he was incredible. The Dusters rambled through two long sets of music, the light show was raging and the sound was excellent. The vibe in the Belcourt was a little stuffy but we had a good time and a bunch of folks showed up at the after-party at Boscos.

It's raining hard in Nashville today. Picked my car up from the Belcourt lot (first order of business for new Stringdusters Manager Michael Allenby: Drive bass player and his wife home), met with the band and Allenby for a few hours, stopped down at Trader Joes for some mixed greens, eggs, apple sauce, bananas, apples, cauliflower, tuna and spinich. Love this place. I posted up a video about Trader Joes in an earlier post. Somehow in the course of work on a new personal trail building project I've acquired a nasty case of poison ivy. Nasty. Not happy about it.

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