Thursday, October 16, 2008

Training in Mexico

It's tough trying to train for cyclocross season while on honeymoon in Mexico. There are unique challenges. Humidity, Heat, Hurricanes, and Heavy Drinking all conspire against me. Every day I leave the condo and every day my legs feel like lead. I just discovered yesterday that the route I've been running is only 2.1 miles long. 2.1 miles a day with some swimming is just not going to get me ready for my first race November 9th. Fortunately, yesterday I ran the loop twice, mostly because I spent the entire first half of the first lap thinking about something other than running.

I was thinking about what it would take to start a weekday cyclocross series in Nashville, wondering what time of night it would start, where it'd be run and how many people would show up. It's not hard to think about something else the first mile or two of a run, but the third and fourth miles are always a battle. The legs want attention, more than anything else, the legs want attention. They want to stop. I kept reminding them that this was nothing compared to the suffering they be subject to at Hoss of Cross on November 9th. I told them that we'd be entering two races that day and that in spite of the fact they'd only be 30-40 minutes each, we'd be in for some suffering. I told them, they didn't listen. About 500 yards short of the goal they quit, "no mas" they told me, having learning the language much faster than I.

So here I am, after a long sleep (vacation style) but also after a night of Vodka and Tang (what do you think they drink up in the Mir spacestation?) I'm up against another morning of Heat, Humidity, Hurricane winds and that other thing, drinking water and coffee, hoping that I'll feel a little better before I go out for my daily slog around Puerta Aventuras. At least if I need motivation I've got YouTube.

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David said...

Vodka and Tang is one of Karin's favorite drinks. If you see her at a festival with a pink Nalgene filled with a liquid that doesn't look quite right (think orange liquid as seen through pink plastic) you will know what she is sipping on.