Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cyclocross Season Countdown: 11 days

It's getting closer. My dream to get hammered into the mud is less than two weeks from becoming a reality. That gives me exactly 18 days until the State Championships and 18 days to lose about 8 lbs! Ran today in Stonington, probably 45 minutes. Threw in a few intervals at the end. Feels really good to run the engine in colder weather, acclimate the lungs to working under stress in low temperature. It reminded me of the early morning rides to school when I was in Middle and early High School (the car ended all of that prior to Junior Year).

So the first race of the season is the Hoss of Cross at the Cog Farm in McEwen, TN. I'll be up early running the Cat 4's race at 10:30 then hanging around and hopefully shooting some video during the 1/2/3 race. 2:30 is the marquee event for me, the Single Speed race. The plan is to do the 4 as a warm up, shake the legs out and hopefully get a few points for Team Bikers Choice (and maybe get enough points to petition an upgrade to Cat 3) then eat and recover for the Single Speed race.

It always surprises me how much harder I work when I've got a goal in mind, like 'Cross season. It's unlikely I would be working this hard getting fit just for fitness sake.

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lilachica said...

Good Luck on the race coming up. I really enjoyed seeing you guys play in Pittsburgh. And thanks for stopping by my blog.