Tuesday, February 1, 2011

new day, new month

fuck yeah!

let's start it off with a demo reel of all things awesome:

it's amazing how much "things" are progressings. by things I mean all things awesome, like bikes, surfing, snowboarding, ladies physiques, etc... I was born a little too late, I could really mess myself up if I was 18 right now.

long ride with Jeremy planned out on the Natchez Trace. We're looking at 100% chance of rain, 30 mph winds and lightning! Awesome! Look at this baby rolling in! wheeeew, we're stupid. maybe I should just stay home and eat a pizza.

one of my favorite artists, Daniel Tashian just released an EP, The Lights Of Town. Daniel makes the coolest music and he's going to be a dad.

Interview post Worlds with Sven Nys on velonews.

alright, gotta roll, this kitchen ain't gonna clean itself...

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