Monday, August 16, 2010

How's Your Air?

What color is your air?  Check it out, I bet you can see it.  Did you notice before? Weird, right?  Has it always been that way?  Is it just dust?  Hot gas expelled by machines and livestock?  I can't figure it out.  I don't really remember being able to so clearly see so much air 5 years ago when we started this band and started roaming around the country.  I remember Virginia was green in the summer compared to Colorado.  I think the sky was blueish.  Now it's grayish.  Multi-hued grayish with tints of yellow.  Everything's brown in VA and it's all green and wet in CO.   I think something's up.  I'm not sure who's right or who's wrong, I can't exactly tell who to believe and it's hard to know what's true.  But it's hot and the air's gray.  I can see it and I can taste it and it's weird.


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