Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Heat Theory

It's getting hot. Time to test my Heat Theory, in which I theorize that by getting out and getting maximum heat exposure in the hottest part of the day, for example by running shirtless in the sun on asphalt at 2pm, the body is trained to function at a higher temperature, thereby rendering all other parts of the day more bearable, especially when at rest. This is dangerous, it requires a lot of fluids, but I think it works. I don't have the luxury of running (luxury of running?) yet, but in an effort to get there by the 12 week mark (I'm at 9 weeks now), I'll be further testing the Heat Theory this afternoon with a ride to the gym (for a swim) and back.

Yesterday Sarah and I tested it with a walk to pick up the 4Runner from the oil change place and only succeeded due to a timely margarita stop. We'll see if the moving air of a ride makes it a little easier today. It's supposed to be 89 degrees at 3pm, that's pretty close to the sweet spot for testing the theory. Pray for me.

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