Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Festy Experience 2014

Inspired by my bandmate Chris Pandolfi's Insiders Guide to Festy Five, I put together a list of bands I'm stoked to see at The Festy in a few weeks.

New Mastersounds
My favorite band on Jamcruise, I'm thrilled to see the English fellas get funky in Nelson County. On a boat full of funk, this rhythm section rose to the top.

Keller Williams and More Than A Little
This is the best Keller side project, totally kick ass.

David Wax Museum
Played a show on bass with David and Suz last spring, had this song in my head ever since.

Shameless, I know, but I think my new band with my wife, songwriter Sarah Siskind, and our drummer Brian Caputo is absolutely rockin'.

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