Monday, September 5, 2011

Other People's Bikes part 2

borrowed a Surly Crosscheck when I was in Charlottesville.   took a little ride through the country.  considering a move to Nelson County, if we do it I'll definitely need a road bike to tackle the country roads and brutal hills.

the bike was a little small, but the swept handlebars were really cool and the brooks saddle was like a hammock for my balls. 

The next day I flew to Denver and picked up my friends Ti Single Speed Rabbit and proceeded to rage around my childhood trails in the Work Service area beneath Mt. Herman.  Totally awesome.  here's a shot of that bike from last winter when I did the same thing.

gorgeous.  headed east after a show in Flagstaff this afternoon.  28 hours and I'll be home for the first time in a month.  local mountain bike race this weekend.

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