Wednesday, August 3, 2011

4 months to the day

I might, MIGHT, be picking this thing up again. not sure. can't decide.

been itching to hit the BMX track in light of my new passion for the pump. headed out there last night to hit up gate practice. turns out it's extremely hard. one lap and I was huffing like a fat kid trying to catch the bus (late again?). spent some time working out the rhythm section, though I never was able to rock it as hard as the first time. like I said, it's really freakin' hard. consider BMX added to the plate. I was looking for something fun to work the guns and this is definitely it. kiss my ass swimming.

we have a killer ABA track here in Nashville, apparently it's the fastest, scariest first straight out there:

on another note, hit a car/got hit by a car a few days ago. absolutely ripped the mirror off this van. still nursing a bruised left bicep area. 'twas bound to happen eventually.

Best Mountain Bike Video I've Ever Seen. gorgeous cinematography, beautifully crafted lines and killer riders obviously having a blast.

if I keep doing this blog thing again, I'll bring the pictures, don't you worry. coffee's ready!

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may said...

I hope you do keep up the blog because I *just* discovered it! I bought your first album after hearing you guys at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass in 2008 and used one of your songs a couple weeks later in a video I made at my very first CX race (I had NO IDEA you were also a CX racer then! I found out after reading your article in CX magazine this year. Now that song is even more appropriate :D Anyways congrats on all the happy things in your life this year...hope you'll continue to share them with us. And if you're not totally swamped hope you'll also come out for SSCXWC in SF later this year! :D