Thursday, December 16, 2010

Near total fucked-ness

If you need further evidence that we're in a state of near total fucked-ness, here's something I found on the Bike Hugger Blog this morning.

This is almost as alarming as the amount of time I've been spending reading bicycle-related blogs as of late (see lengthy list at right).  It would seem that a bike ride would be a perfect excuse to detach the iPhone/Brain umbilical chord for a couple hours, but I know that's not an option for hipsters or "businessy types" and I'm certain they'll sell a shit-ton of these things at $65 a pop.  On a related note, I was berated by my wife for not answering my phone for at least 2 hours while she was out running errands last night, but in my defense, I forgot it was in the car and was enjoying a few hours of phone detachment.  I'm rarely berated by said wife, but for the seemingly often occurrence of iPhone detachment I choose to "practice." 

Speaking of practice, my cousin, who's like a sister I never had, sent me B.K.S. Iyengar's YOGA, The Path to Holistic Health yesterday.  I'll be practicing this afternoon.

Yesterdays HTFU ride was glorious.  No one else opted to HTFU out at Montgomery Bell so I had the place to myself.  The snow has now melted as a result of rising temperatures and rain through the night and as a result, the pump-track is still totally unrideable and unworkable.  Since I'm "peaking" for this weekends Double Header, which is more accurately described as a "Quadruple Header, as defined by me as doubling up on a Double Header, I won't be riding today or tomorrow.  Incidentally my mother arrives tonight on the 10:30 from Denver, so my world will be upside down until Tuesday at 6am.  Fortunately, she's amongst the sweetest women I know, means no harm, and usually arrives bearing gifts and a substantial liquor budget.  Conveniently, my "season" ends on Sunday.

Merry Minimalistmas.

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Beth Cooke said...

I love you Travis !!!!
Beth Cooke