Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pump Track day 1

Got it in my mind that I wanted to build a pump track.  We weren't really using our yard anyway, and I had already resolved to turn a bunch of it into a garden, so it's no sacrifice to dig up the rest of it.  Fortunately my wife is supportive of nearly all of my endeavors and didn't even bat an eye when I told her I wanted to dig up the yard.  After a little less than 2 hours, I have an initial layout and some piles of dirt.

I've got a lot of digging left to do.  Initial layout has a straight away, into an s-turn, a 180 and a left hander before another 180 brings you around to the straightaway.  I've also got a dirt jump line planned that will start in the front yard, transition off the 3 foot drop near my AC unit and continue across the back of the yard.  Not really sure how the neighbor ladies are going to take this turn of events, but until they buy my yard, I don't think they really have any say in the matter.  It will be interesting to see what kind of dirt I've got underneath the grass...

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