Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Race and Rides

First race of my "season" is this weekend.  I'm not even close to fit enough, my knees definitely can't handle it but I'm going, and I'm paying, and I'm racing.  Beat The Freak, put on by The Freak himself, Kevin Freeman, was the site of my first victory two years ago.  I was strung out on the front with my soon-to-be partner in crime Nate when the Freak started yelling at me to "break the rubber band."  I did.  I won.  I was psyched.  I've been waffling about racing this season, I know I don't have the fitness, not even close, but the leaves are changing and you only live once (that we know of) so I'm going on Sunday assuming I get the bike built.  It's down to the frame today, tonight I'll start the build and hopefully take it out on Friday to shake out the cobwebs.

The rest of the week should be a bunch of milestones as well.  Tonight I'm headed out for my first ride on the 29er since like January.  Wednesday I'm going for a road ride with my bandmate Pandolfi who's been dragging his feet about riding with me.  I intend to teach him a little something about riding more than 8 miles (his current longest ride).  Thursday night we're doing a full moon ride out at Lock 4.  Looks like there'll be a few of us out there.

Put the new saddle on the 29er and it feels terrible!!  I'll have to ride it a little, but I can see now why it was sold slightly used for $25.  There's some major cockpit changes coming to the Ute and the 29er.  I'm planning a couple straight bars with 30 degree sweeps in hopes I'll save my wrists.

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