Sunday, June 28, 2009

Raccoon Mountain SERC #8

David and the rest of the Gone Riding crew have got their act together. Registration was a snap, everyone knew what was going on (nice lady at registration gave me a highly accurate 8 second description of course). I'd not ridden Raccoon Mountain, and I imagine it's a great ride (with some rest stops) but it was a very tough day of racing. Hot, Dry, Dusty and Relentless. I battled cramps in my quadriceps the entire second lap, when I stood, they cramped and I only had one gear so I stood, a lot. I've never experienced anything quite like that. Heat was rough, Tanner took a couple spills, seemed like there was a lot of mild carnage. Trail wasn't tacky at all; every corner involved one or both of the tires breaking free. It reminded me a lot of riding back home on the front range of Colorado. Only with humidity. I couldn't imagine going 3 laps. I'd have quit after one if I'd had two more to go.

I didn't take pictures, I was too busy trying to cram myself into my Biker's Choice Kit. It feels like it's two sized too small until it gets sweaty. Speaking of which, David, sorry I haven't made more races this season, but I've been busy. I contributed to Tanner falling again (in the pre-ride). Sorry about that.

Anyway, today made me happy. I even got to mow the yard, which was nice.

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