Sunday, April 26, 2009


I'm starting a new movement. The Work-ation movement. See if I can start a Work-ation Nation (nice ring, eh?) founded on the principle that all men (and women) should party at work, work should be party, that wage earning should be a synthesis of work and vacation. This, of course, is only practical for people fortunate enough to work in super fun industries (music, outdoor, etc...) that lend themselves to this synthesis... Ok, so I haven't sussed out all the details but I'm experimenting with the work-ation and it seems to be working out well.

Five days in California in late April. Two shows (work?) one at the biggest baddest country music festival in the world, Stagecoach. I know, I know, country music is what it is, but last night was a big fat party and the Stringdusters were a big fat part of it. Today we're taking it a step further with a full day out in the wilderness at Joshua Tree. I'm anticipating a mind-expanding day out in one of the trippy-est places on the continent with 5 of my best friends and no agenda. Tomorrow we head back to LA for a quick beach session before catching a Southwest flight to Nashville (layover in Vegas). Seriously. Getting paid to vacation. you should see the tan I'm working with...

It's been tough to get out on the bike recently, but I've managed a couple long rides at Monkey Bell and a few spins on the 'Cross bike. May is light so far as the travel goes so I anticipate getting in some more riding. Having a tough time getting inspired to race the Mountain bike. Just doesn't seem right, somehow. Next race will be the local TBRA race at Hamilton Creek. Planning to whip myself into an Excedrin-fueled fury for that one. The hometown races are always the most important. Anyway, I'm rambling. If I don't forget, I'll shoot some work-ation photos and post them up.

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GenghisKhan said...

Good luck with the new movement. Given that I'm in the educatational software industry, about the only movement that's a part of my life is, well, you know.


Peace and happy trails--on whatever bike you ride!