Saturday, March 7, 2009


On the road again. Two weeks off the bike. Two weeks of running. I might as well just call myself a frickin' runner as much time as I'm spending pounding through neighborhoods waving at the locals. I was able to run with my shirt off today (not good, sorry locals). One advantage to always running in a different neighborhood is that a lack of modesty can't develop into the entire community thinking your a freak. When I pass the same people in my neighborhood everyday, white skin flapping in the wind, I start to get some strange looks, but on the road, they only see me once and I'm gone.

The more I run, the more I like it (not that I have a choice, it's either that or sit around). Once I hit the 20 minute mark the euphoria kicks in and I'm good for another 20-30 minutes of steady pace running without much thought. Even after 6 beers, moonshine and two shots of tequila, I hopped out of bed, popped two Excedrin (endorse me please) and ran 60 minutes steady, no problem. Could not have done that a month ago.

Contemplating a cleanse next week. Don't know if I'm willing to trade 3-4 good training/riding days for starvation but I really want to get some enematic results and a completely empty stomach is the way to do it (too much information?).

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